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Go for a walk, get some oxygen and get some exercise

Sitting around for extended periods of time is never a healthy thing. In fact what happens to your body when you sit for too long is your blood is not going to all parts of your body as effectively as it should be, it impedes the blood flow. You body isn’t getting oxygen to all the places like it should and that affects your mental health.

Blood circulation is a important thing for every living being, not only for us humans.

Walk around the neighborhood with your family
Walk around the neighborhood with your family

It’s important to move around, to go outside and get some fresh air and to let your body to get some sun.

If you have a busy schedule and you can’t make it to the gym like me. Then at least find some time to walk around your neighborhood and get your blood circulating. Make sure to bring your family member along with you, no matter how lazy they may be.

Stretch those muscles, move your body, get some oxygen and move around. It could mean adding many more years of living a happy life.

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